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Our firm focuses its practice on family law issues, such as separation and divorce, child custody and access, child and spousal support, division of property and debts, restraining orders, marriage contracts and more.  We also specialize in Wills and Powers of Attorney and our two of our associates, Colin Still and Rishi Singh, also practice criminal law, estates law, and general litigation. Rishi also practices landlord & tenant, small claims court matters and can assist clients with their DUI offences.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in the courtroom, as well as negotiating separation agreements and resolving disputes in a creative but equitable manner outside of court.  Jennifer Long and Romaana Shariff, the two partners and owners of Long Shariff & Associates, are also trained in collaborative family law which is a revolutionary way to resolve disputes in a respectful and timely way outside of court.

Whatever your needs may be, our goal is always to implement the best service and care attainable. Our main office is in Stouffville, Ontario, just ten minutes from Markham but we also have satellite offices in Scarborough and Markham if required to meet your needs.  We regularly represent clients in Markham, Stouffville, Newmarket, Aurora, Whitby, Oshawa, Scarborough, Toronto, and surrounding areas.

Our team has the experience, drive and passion to assist you effectively with  all of your family law needs.



Child and Spousal Support

Separation Agreements

Common Law Separation

Uncontested Divorce

Child Custody and Access

Family Responsibility Office

Domestic Violence

Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts

Property Division

Restraining Orders


Child Protection


Wills and Powers of Attorney

Collaborative Law

Estate Litigation

Criminal Law

Civil Litigation


  • Jennifer Long is quickly earning a reputation as an extremely diligent and successful lawyer.

    It's all due to her meticulous attention to details, her ability to get the job done in the most expeditious fashion while making her clients feel both comfortable and confident. Without hesitation I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
    – P.D., Toronto, Ontario
  • Ms. Shariff helped me with my separation and divorce.

    I relied heavily on Ms. Shariff's objective, rationale, and calm demeanour during times of high-stress throughout the separation process. Ms. Shariff received several lengthy, emotionally-charged emails and phone calls from me and handled them all with grace, understanding, and empathy. She helped me see and maintain a clear, logical, proper path through the process. Opposing counsel was difficult to deal with. Aggressive. Condescending. Arrogant. Rather than fight back with similar characteristics and strategy, Ms. Shariff took the high ground and dealt with the facts, the matters that counted most, and ignored the antics of the opposing lawyer. I observed this and used this to help moderate my reactions to opposing counsel. Ms. Shariff was a good role model in this regard. At the end of the day, we came away with a very fair, civilized separation agreement and financial settlement. I highly recommend Ms. Shariff's services.
    – A.J., Toronto, Ontario
  • Overall, very impressed, and a GREAT VALUE for all of the hard work she put in. Also, WE WON!

    I used Jennifer Long for a recent divorce. I'm grateful that she was my lawyer in the matter. She was professional, prompt at returning phone calls, and cared a lot about how my case would turn out. What most touched me was she consistently listened to my fears and addressed them, without turning the divorce into a messy, adversarial situation. Overall, very impressed, and a GREAT VALUE for all of the hard work she put in. Also, WE WON!
    – K.G., Markham, Ontario
  • I can say nothing but positive things about Romaana Shariff.

    She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and still is personable/very caring. She was always prepared in court, she kept a good line of communication with me. Her performance in court was above and beyond my expectations, and even the Judge and other unrelated lawyer I worked with was impressed with her. Our win this week will impact my life and my families in a big way, I can only thank her and highly recommend her services.
    – R.A., Toronto, Ontario
  • It was an absolute pleasure dealing with a law firm that goes beyond a lawyer and client relationship.

    It is with great pleasure that I write this very positive testimonial for Romaana Shariff, Jennifer Long and the law firm of Long Shariff & Associates. From the moment I walked in Jennifer's office I felt her compassion and genuine concern for my situation. Both Jennifer and Romaana were professional, efficient, informative and respected my time. Romaana had excellent follow through and always emailed me with updates. Attention to my budget was always at the forefront and with that she quickly and efficiently moved me through the confusing process called divorce. Romaana's straightforward, honest approach made it a pleasure to work with her and her team. Thank you for your support and for carrying me through such a difficult period in my life. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with a law firm that goes beyond a lawyer and client relationship.
    – N.C. , Stouffville, Ontario